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Original price £149.99 - Original price £169.99
Original price
£149.99 - £169.99
Current price £169.99

Replacement Exhaust Tips. 

These tips are a great visual add on for your BMW.

Larger than the standard tips at 3.6 inches and made with genuine Carbon Fibre and Stainless Steel. 

You will see many versions of these tips available online, but rest assured we will only buy the highest quality from trusted suppliers

Please choose your car model and exhaust type from the drop down list.

Please note: the BLACK TIPS are PAINTED and no matter how good the paint is it will eventually start to fade or peel. This is due to the heat and any cleaning chemicals that may have been used to wash the car.  (Ceramic coating, keeping the exhausts clean and using non acidic cleaner will prevent this) 

If you are looking for less maintenance the we would recommend silver exhaust tips as they can be polished. 

You will receive two or four exhaust tips depending on the model chosen. 

Delivery is by FedEx Priority 5-8 days.

If you haven't received a shipping confirmation please contact us.

Installation video: